Long beadable pens

beadable pen


Kit includes:
pen base, beads, wire
ages 6+
This beadable long pen is such a fun craft kit. kids will design and create their very own pen. Easy and fun to create.
Just insert beads onto long wire of pen in any pattern you wish, screw on cap to secure beads. Now comes the fun part -You will wrap the wire around the beads in all directions so the pen gets a wire design all around beads. How cool!! its a DIY winner!
its a must for every school girl.


Your favorite craft kit finally available. FUNctional crafting you’ll love!:-)
it is great way to get your kids excited to do their homework. Isn’t it more fun to do homework with a cool handmade pen? it is definitely worth a try.
Loved by kids of all ages from 6 years and up.
Great for developing fine motor skills.
Mess free crafting.

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